Poker monk

Check out my picks for must read poker blogs for low limit nlhe players. What do you think of my choices. Let me know in the comments. Before the poker monk gets his head examined by a new shrink, he posted a vlog that gave us viewers a mini. Tour of his hometown, charlottesville, virginia. Personally, i thought the art park was very cool. I cannot, however, say the same about the peach. Colored pants on display in the storefront window.

But you can search for me, the poker monk on youtube. I do have a website at then my twitter and instagram is also the poker monk. M real easy to find. Well dewberry, aka the poker monk, we really appreciate you being on the podcast, and wish you the best of luck, and run good. S been a real pleasure zac. The latest tweets from the poker monk. Charlottesville, va.

S all i ever wanted. Episode 33 the poker monk vlog. I go on the poker sesh with limon. S that pesky poker as well.

This should be mandatory reading for all couples with zero to two poker players. Ll show this to my spouse when i. Ve gotten to the level that it is financially smart for me to quit my dayjob. For now, she basically thinks poker is a waste of time even though she knows i. M not spending money on it. Utilizing poker as a means for improving your life.