Color changing poker chips

Find great deals on ebay for color changing chips. Shop with confidence. These color poker chips weigh exactly 11. 5 grams per color chip, are made of abs plastic and have a sticker with values. There are a total of 10 different colors and values for sale in this versatile chip series.

Watch dean leavy perform a short colour changing poker chip routine. If you like what you see visit. Colors changing from cool to warm.

This is a magic affect that is not ever been revealed on any sight and you can only bye it for 25 pounds however i will teach this to you for. Sie erhalten ein 14 teiliges poker chip set inkl. Tutorial mit eric jones. Color changing candle.

Color up your live poker game at home with family or your poker friends, with this multi. Purpose color poker chips series, a total of 10 different colors and values are available in our shop. Two poker chips are displayed on your open hand. One chip is shown to be white on both sides the other chip is black on both sides. The white chip is placed over the black chip and upon removing the white chip it is seen that the chip underneath is now yellow. The yellow chip is now placed over the white chip and the white chip changes to blue.