Strings for casino

The legendary casino has been epiphone. Selling archtop and a rock. Now for the first time featuring new dogear p. Hello, my lucky son just received a chinese casino. But our teacher said to us the original strings are bad. He said that the treble strings was.

Aquila bionylon tenor low g uke strings. 99 aquila is proud to introduce the bionylon, the first eco. Friendly synthetic string in the world. The epiphone casino is a thinline hollow body electric guitar manufactured by epiphone, a branch of gibson. The guitar debuted in.

Thats a nice guitar. If i was you i would use light strings. S have a nice sound for that. Which make would complement a casino. I play mostly beatles and paul weller stuff. Not for live just jamming and playing on my own.

What is the best strings depend upon your personal taste. Since this is a semi acoustic guitar, you will probably not want too. Hi guys, i need recommendations for strings on an epi casino with bigsby. I bought it used a few months ago, and it sounded great.